April 2016

April 1st: Mars sesquasquares Mercury (A sesquasquare is like a weak square): Aggressive speech. Watch what you say and avoid arguments. Also, watch your temper when driving.

April 5th: Sun trines Saturn: This is a good day to take care of all practical matters, especially the ones you have been putting off. Mercury sesquasquares Jupiter: Don’t rush. Get all your facts straight before you speak.

April 6th: Sun squares Pluto: Power struggles! Little arguments can become big very fast. However this is a good day to get rid of things. Recycle.

April 9th: Sun squares Uranus: Expect the unexpected today. The urge is to do something wild and crazy. Think before you act.

April 12th: Mercury sextiles Neptune: This is great for imagination. Read a fantasy novel. Or write one! Venus trines Mars: Yes this is good for romance. But it is also good for having a good time in general. Put “have some fun” on your reminder list for today.

April 14th: Mercury trines Jupiter: This is a good day to take care of all important communications, especially in the morning.

April 17th: Mercury trines Pluto: This is a great aspect if you are investigating something. You can get to the hidden secrets.

April 18th: Venus trines Saturn: This is good for quiet pleasures. It is also good for beauty treatments.

April 19th: Venus squares Pluto: Watch out for jealousy.

April 22nd: Venus conjunct Uranus: This is good for a sudden fling. But don’t expect it to last.

April 28th: Mercury goes Retrograde: This causes delays and difficulties in transportation and communication all over the world. Do not start any important project since Retrograde Mercury increases the chance that it won’t work out. Just continue with projects that you have already started.

Bob Marks

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