February 2016

February 3rd: Mars sextiles Pluto – This increases energy – now you can tackle all those tasks that require a lot of energy. Sun sextiles Saturn – Good for taking care of practical business. Get busy.

February 5th: Venus conjunct Pluto – Romance becomes more intense now. If leaning towards fighting – be careful. and watch out for obsession.

February 6th: Sun sextiles Uranus – Good for tackling new projects or for buying high tech equipment. Also on this date Mercury trines Jupiter – Take care of all your important communications and Venus squares Uranus – That new crazy person may not be for you. Take time to know what’s real.

February 7th: Sun squares Mars –This gives extra energy but can also shorten tempers avoid arguments. In addition Venus sextiles Mars – Pleasure plus action. Go out and have a good time.

February 10th: Venus trine Jupiter – Give yourself some more recreation today.

February 13th: Mercury goes to Aquarius – Now you can really start those new projects and talk about those new things. Another aspect for this date includes, Mars sextiles Jupiter – Energy combines with luck get busy.

February 16th: Venus goes to Aquarius – Get ready for exciting new adventures in love and recreation.

February 19th: Sun goes to Pisces – Imagination and emotions increase. People are more sensitive now. Tread carefully.

February 25th: Mercury sextiles Saturn – Original thinking combines with practicality. Practical planning.

February 26th: Mercury sextiles Uranus – Problems seem easier to solve today.

February 28th: Sun conjunct Neptune – Use your imagination today.

February 29th: Venus sextiles Saturn – You can now take practical steps to beautification.

Bob Marks

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