January 2016

January 1st: Mercury goes to Aquarius and it is in the shadow for Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is happy in Aquarius – it is set to do all new things. But be careful because Mercury retrograde is around the corner.

January 3rd: Mars goes to Scorpio. Finally Mars is happy in this very strong authoritative controlling sign. Men get stronger and more decisive. But be careful – you could go to extremes.

January 5th: Mercury goes Retrograde. So here it comes again. Our least favorite time. Remember to not sign any new contracts, start any new projects or make any final decisions. In addition, Mercury squares Mars – This aspect combined with Mercury Retrograde will increase the chance of arguments from the past and the present. In addition, Venus squares Neptune – Good for imaginations but watch out for illusions in love and the Sun conjunct Pluto – This is a good time to clean up and throw things out. Be careful in overdoing things.

January 7th: Sun squares Uranus. This aspect makes people impatient – do not rush things – think before you act.

January 8th: Mercury goes back to Capricorn. How does this affect the Mercury Retrograde? Just when you were getting ready to do new things – past problems arise – go back and fix them. Another aspect today includes Venus conjunct Saturn. Not a good time for love. Time for quiet pleasures. Time to be alone and reflect.

January 12th: Venus trine Uranus. Relationship matters will come to the forefront now. Tread carefully because of the Mercury Retrograde.

January 13th: Sun trine Jupiter. Luck starts up again in spite of the Mercury Retrograde.

January 14th: Sun conjunct Mercury. Conversations get going. Take care of all communications. Also Mercury Trines Jupiter – This adds luck to communication.

January 18th: Venus squares Jupiter. Watch out for extravagance. Don’t over spend. Also Mars trine Neptune – Powers of imagination increase now.

January 20th: Sun goes to Aquarius. By Capricorn routine and drudgery – now is the time to do new exciting things. Just wait till Mercury goes forward on the 25th.Mercury squares Uranus. Be careful of problems with electronic communication.

January 22nd: Mercury conjunct Pluto. Fights are looming. Think before you speak.

January 23rd: Venus goes to Capricorn. Love has a serious tone for the next month. Romance turns practical.

January 25th: Mercury goes Direct. Finally! Tread slowly into new endeavors.

January 30th: Mercury conjunct Pluto. Conversations turn intense. Don’t fight. Venus sextile Neptune – Nice romantic day. Good for art and imagination.

January 31st: Mercury squares Uranus. Your mind may be going a little too wild today – stay practical.

Bob Marks

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