The Order of The White Lion: (OWL) consists of students who studied the ancient teachings of the Tree of Life (Qabalah) at the Qabalistic School of Maat. The Qabalistic School of Maat ran for over 20 years and finally closed its doors with a view to taking the teachings further and making them more accessible to those who were not able to attend a regular class. So, the birth of The Order of The White Lion took place and gradually the ancient, mystical teachings of the Tree of Life have been carefully made available to everyone who is searching to find answers on life, themselves and the bigger picture.


Qabalah_Isis_OwldIsis Qabalah Tuition : The Qabalah (Kabbalah) is an ancient philosophy of life that takes us on an exciting journey of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.  Our aim is to help raise awareness, not only of the teachings and how to practically use the Tree of Life, but also to help others to find a way of living in line with personal and spiritual needs.  A complete set of workbooks – exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life – is now available in pdf and paperback format.



links.9Key of Wisdom:Committed to help those who seek to open the doorway to happiness and contentment. There are many keys that can help those who wish to help themselves. The Key of Wisdom unlocks the subconscious to the opportunities open to each and every one of us. For truly life changing experience comes about by knowing ourselves. It is important to accept and embrace your whole self with all your strengths and weaknesses and in doing so you will change your life. The Key of Wisdom path allows you to delve into your past and discover who you were and how this affects who you are today.


links.6Aristia was created in 1989 by Mike Eastwood, after listening to a series of intuitive visions that informed him that an important cycle of humanity was about to begin, he acknowledged this with the creation of the company AristiA. Books to open the heart and mind. Crystals to illuminate your path. Music to relax and inspire. Gifts from around the world to celebrate the joy of living.