March 2016

March 2nd: Venus sextiles Uranus – Enjoying yourself by doing something new and different.

March 5th: Mercury Squares Mars – Be careful of being too blunt. You could hurt someone’s feelings. Mercury goes to Pisces – Good for imagination. But double check practical details. Mars goes to Sagittarius – People are much more fiery – especially men. Arguments and flare ups likely. But also this could be a fun active time – so get out and enjoy.

March 6th: Sun squares Saturn – take care of those boring routine tasks today. Sun sextiles Pluto – This is a good day to clean house and throw things out.

March 8th: Sun opposite Jupiter – Don’t rush into new commitments today.

March 11th: Mercury conjunct Neptune – Good for reading poetry or going to a movie. Not good for balancing your checking account.

March 12th: Venus goes to Pisces – Romantic relationships get very sensitive now.

March 15th: Mercury sextiles Pluto – Good for analyzing situations. Can uncover some secrets today. Mercury opposite Jupiter – Avoid signing important contracts today you could miss some details.

March 16th: Jupiter trine Pluto – Extra intensity and luck today.

March 20th: Sun goes to Aries – Forward charge. Very strong active month. Venus conjunct Neptune – Be careful of direct action in relationships – there might be things you do not see.

March 21st: Mercury goes to Aries – Enough imagining it all – get busy and do it.

March 23rd: Jupiter squares Saturn – Extra obstacles today go slower. Sun conjunct Mercury – A good day for face to face conversation.

March 24th: Mercury trine Mars – Today you can take care of communications.

March 25th: Venus opposite Jupiter – Watch your expenses today – this aspect increases spending. Venus squares Saturn – Love is off the table today. Lay low.

March 26th: Sun trines Mars – Take action today. Venus sextiles Pluto – This intensifies relationships. Enjoy. Venus sextiles Pluto – This intensifies relationships. Enjoy.

March 29th: Mercury trines Saturn – Thinking is active and practical today.

March 30th: Mercury squares Pluto – Watch what you say it could lead to fighting.

Bob Marks

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