Forecast for October 2021

Forecast for October 2021

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There Will be a New Moon in Libra on Wednesday October 6: This New Moon sits right on top of Mars. This is good for taking action, especially with others. Watch out though. Uranus is afflicting. This is an accident-prone combination. DO NOT RUSH!

There will be a Full Moon in Aries on Wednesday October 20: This Full Moon is opposite Mars, conjunct Eris, and square Pluto. Good for taking action, but be careful of arguments. A little dispute could easily spiral out of control.

Friday October 1: Mercury opposes Eris AND Mercury square Pluto: Your mind is sharper today. Make sure that your words are not also sharp. Arguments today can have lasting negative effects.

Saturday October 2: Venus sextile Pluto AND Sun semisquare Venus: Have FUN today! But avoid having too many sweets.

Sunday October 3: Mercury trine Jupiter: This gives luck with communications. Send those important e-mails and texts.

Wednesday October 6: Venus semisquare Mars: This is not the best day to start a relationship or to spend a lot of money. Mars can make you rush things. Play it cool today.

Friday October 8: Sun conjunct Mars: Increased energy today. Use it to do something important.

Saturday October 9: Pluto square Eris AND Mercury semisquare Venus AND Sun conjunct Mercury AND Mercury conjunct Mars: Busy day!

Wednesday October 13: Venus sextile Saturn: This is good for quiet pleasures. Stay home tonight and relax.

Friday October 15: Sun trine Jupiter AND Venus sesquasquare Eris AND Venus semisquare Pluto: Sun trine Jupiter gives luck. The Venus aspects can cause stress with relationships. Take care of important business today. Put relationships off until tomorrow.

Saturday October 16: Mercury sextile Venus: Communications tend to be smooth and charming today. This is good for all social contacts.

Sunday October 17: Sun opposes Eris AND Sun square Pluto: Watch out for dominating and argumentative people today. Avoid discussing politics.

Monday October 18: Mars trine Jupiter: This combines energy with luck. Start important projects NOW!

Thursday October 21: Mars opposes Eris: Make an extra effort to avoid arguments today AND tomorrow.

Friday October 22: Mars square Pluto: You will have extra energy today, but be careful of overdoing it. Take rest breaks.

Tuesday October 26: Venus square Neptune: This is a good day to take a walk in the park or to read a romantic novel.

Thursday October 28: Venus semisquare Saturn AND Venus sextile Jupiter AND Sun sesquasquare Neptune: What a crazy combination! Venus and Jupiter say “Have a good time!” Venus and Saturn say “Make sure it’s not too good.” Sun and Neptune make for a little confusion. Double-check everything you do today.

Saturday October 30: Venus trine Eris AND Sun square Saturn: First do your work (Sun and Saturn). Then have a party (Venus and Eris).

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