Previously only available in Workshop format, this is an opportunity for you to connect with your inner workings. We are all like jigsaw puzzles trying to get our different pieces to blend together to form the picture of our potential.

This ‘Wheel’ experience can help you get a better understanding of yourself within relationships, work & money, to name but a few, and can also identify your resistances to improving all areas of your life.

Each session is tailored to your specific needs.

Testimonials from some people who have attended the workshops:

“Ruth has a magic carpet! Step on it and allow her to guide you on your own bespoke journey round the zodiac. In this psychodynamic space you will have your own unique experience where your undertanding expands and your unconscious mind can process your issues.”    S.W.

“When I first went to see Ruth, I was lost and directionless but she was so insightful, wise and supportive that she got right to the nub of the issue in both an empathetic and pragmatic way. I’ve now been working with Ruth over the past few years and I’ve had so many ‘aha’ moments that I regularly wait in anticipation to find out what she is next going to reveal to me about myself and which way the stars are steering me on my personal journey. I value her wisdom and guidance tremendously.”   J.S.

“This lady is amazing and her work brings enormous changes to your life if you’re open to doing the work. No words to express how highly I recommend this work Good luck to anyone starting this work. You will be on an incredible journey of enlightenment and love.”   E.S.

“After over 5 years of guidance and healing with and from Ruth I am just in such a healthy balance of mind body and spirit. The last 3 years we have been working on the wheel of astrology. For something I knew very little about I am now in a place of huge respect and awe for what Ruth knows when it comes to Astrology. It just explains where I am every single time and I get subtle Ruth options of how to move forward and OMG I seem to move forward effortlessly and I continue to transit through life like cutting pie rather than where I lived for many years in the quagmire of treacle and difficulty. Always profound, powerful and intuitively fantastic.
Thank you Ruth, you have no idea how much you have helped me”   SJ

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