Forecast for March 2022

Forecast for March 2022

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There will be a New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday March 2:

There will be a Full Moon in Virgo on Friday March 18:

Tuesday March 1: Sun semisquare Venus: This is a self-indulgent aspect. Enjoy it! But be careful not to take it too far.

Wednesday March 2: Sun sextile Uranus AND Mercury conjunct Saturn: Sun-Uranus aspects are good for getting interested in new things.

Mercury-Saturn though can be bad for communications. So this is a good day for finding out about new things but not for telling anybody about them yet. Check those new ideas out first.

Thursday March 3: This is a very busy day! Mars conjunct Pluto AND Sun semisquare Pluto AND Sun semisquare Mars AND Venus conjunct Pluto: Now you can take action and make changes. Just be careful not to take on too much at once.

Sunday March 6: Venus conjunct Mars AND Venus semisquare Jupiter AND Mars semisquare Jupiter: Don’t just sit there! Get out and have a good time!

Sunday March 13: Sun conjunct Neptune: This is a good day for anything involving imagination or spiritual matters. Take a walk through the park, read a romantic novel, or volunteer for a charitable organization.

Monday March 14: Venus semisquare Neptune: Not a good day to buy expensive beauty products. You may buy the wrong things or overpay. Otherwise, this can be an enjoyable, take-it-easy day.

Tuesday March 15: Mercury semisquare Eris: This activates the mind, but it also sharpens the tongue. Watch what you say today.

Wednesday March 16: Mars semisquare Neptune: Action plus illusion. Double check to make sure you are aiming at the right goal.

Thursday March 17: Mercury sextile Uranus AND Sun semisquare Uranus AND Mercury semisquare Pluto: This is a good day to think about doing new things and making major changes.

But it is not good for actually doing them! Sun-Uranus can make you too impulsive. Mercury-Pluto can make you obsessed with convincing others. Make plans today and put them into action tomorrow.

Friday March 18: Sun sextile Pluto: Okay. NOW you can get things done. Sun-Pluto can give you the power to break through obstacles.

Saturday March 19: Venus square Uranus: This aspect is good for falling in love for a few hours. Try not to disrupt existing relationships.

Monday March 21: Mercury conjunct Jupiter: This is good for thinking big. Be careful though not to take on too much.

Tuesday March 22: Mars square Uranus: SLOW DOWN!

This combination can make you rush things and that can cause accidents. As long as you are aware of this though and you refuse to rush, accidents can be easily avoided.

Remember that this does not only affect physical accidents. It can also cause you to rush a business deal or to buy something expensive that you don’t really need. But you can avoid that too by taking your time and refusing to rush.

Wednesday March 23: Mercury conjunct Neptune: Imagination plus communication. This is great if you are a poet or novelist. It is not good for doing your taxes. The numbers don’t add up well.

Friday March 25: Mercury semisquare Uranus: Communications are a little crazy today. Make that important call tomorrow.

Saturday March 26: Mercury sextile Pluto: Now THIS can be a good day to do your taxes. Pluto likes to get to the bottom of things. And Pluto also rules taxes. The sextile makes things go more smoothly.

Sunday March 27: Sun semisquare Saturn AND Mercury semisquare Mars: Sun-Saturn is good for taking care of difficult, annoying things you don’t want to do. Mercury-Mars though, wants to rush. Take your time and do it right.

Monday March 28: Venus conjunct Saturn: Stick to quiet pleasures today. This aspect is also good fordoing hard work (Saturn) to beautify something. However, it is NOT good for beauty treatments. They will take too long and you are less likely to be satisfied with the results.

Wednesday March 30: Mercury semisquare Saturn AND Venus sextile Eris: Mercury-Saturn is good for doing hard mental work. But it is not good for communication. You can do a report today, but don’t show it right now. Venus-Eris is good for enjoying yourself after work.

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