Forecast for April 2022

Forecast for April 2022

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There will be a New Moon in Aries on Friday April 1: The Aries New Moon is a time for ACTION. During the next two weeks, get moving and get things done.

There will be a Full Moon in Libra on Saturday April 16: This Full Moon is square Pluto, planet of death and rebirth. Just in time for Spring Cleaning. Get rid of all those things that you don’t need and never use.

Friday April 1: Mercury semisquare Venus: This is a minor aspect. Good for light reading.

Saturday April 2: Sun conjunct Mercury. This is a good time to have important conversations face-to-face. It will be easier to get your point of view across to others. Be careful though of a tendency to dominate the conversation.

Monday April 4: Mars conjunct Saturn: Obstacles! Do not start any important actions today. Stick to routine things.

Thursday April 7: Mercury sextile Saturn AND Mars sextile Eris: Now you can get moving. Mercury-Saturn helps you be organized. Mars-Eris gives you extra energy.

Friday April 8: Mercury sextile Mars: This gives extra mental energy. Make those calls. Send those texts. Start those projects.

Sunday April 10: Mercury square Pluto: Today you really want to get your point of view across. Be careful. This is an argument aspect. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments. Avoid talking about politics.

Tuesday April 12: Jupiter conjunct Neptune AND Sun sextile Saturn: This is a good combination. Jupiter-Neptune expands your imagination. Sun-Saturn keeps you practical.

Wednesday April 13: Sun semisquare Venus: Tis is not a good day to have a party. Best to just take it easy.

Thursday April 14: Venus semisquare Eris AND Sun conjunct Eris: The first one can bring out tension in relationships. The second one can give you extra energy to get this done. It might be better if you work alone today.

Friday April 15: Mercury semisquare Neptune AND Mercury semisquare Jupiter: You certainly can think BIG today. But you may not be thing too accurately. Don’t take on too much today. And definitely don’t make any important promises or commitments. You will tend to promise too much today.

Sunday April 17: Mercury sextile Venus: Charming speech. This is a good day to call old friends just to say hello.

Monday April 18: Mercury conjunct Uranus AND Venus sextile Uranus AND Sun square Pluto: What a combination! Mercury-Uranus gives you ideas that are either pure genius or totally off-the-wall crazy. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you which one it is.  The key here is DON’T RUSH! Uranus can make people impulsive. So sit down and think about that new idea before you jump into action.

Venus-Uranus means wanting to enjoy yourself by doing something new. The Sextile is a nice mid aspect so this one is okay. Sun square Pluto can make you feel suddenly overwhelmed. The cure is to throw things out. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Throwing things out or replacing them helps to reduce the Pluto energy. One other thing. Be careful of arguments today. With Pluto a small dispute can quickly grow into a major conflict.

Sunday April 24: Mercury square Saturn AND Mercury sextile Neptune: Mercury-Saturn is good for sticking to routine tasks. Mercury-Neptune is great for the imagination. So take care of the dull tasks first and then read an imaginative novel or watch a fantasy movie.

Wednesday April 27: Mercury sextile Jupiter AND Mars semisquare Eris AND Venus conjunct Neptune: Mercury-Jupiter gives luck with communications. Mars-Eris gives extra energy but can be impulsive. Venus-Neptune is good for your imagination. This looks like an interesting day! Avoid arguments, don’t rush, and do something enjoyable.

Thursday April 28: Mercury trine Pluto: People are more likely to listen to you today. Mercury-Pluto is also a good detective. If you get interested in something today, you are more likely to investigate it until you find out all the secrets.

Friday April 29: Sun semisquare Neptune: Neptune rules illusions so double-check things today.

Saturday April 30: Venus conjunct Jupiter. This is a good aspect for having a good time. But be careful about overspending.

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